Roger Stone tangos in Austin. Will anchor Infowars by night. May let a flat.



Good morning Austin:

It looks like Roger Stone may soon be living in Austin, at least part-time, to anchor a nightly show on Infowars as Alex Jones expands his broadcast schedule and strengthens his ability to gain scoops straight from the Trump White House.

“Soon, it’s five nights a week with Roger Stone. You heard it here first folks,” Jones said on his show yesterday.

Stone, who lives in Florida and has a place in New York, confirmed for me that he is ironing out details with Jones and that he may take an apartment in Austin as he expands his role on Infowars

Beginning with the 2016 presidential election, Roger Stone has become a close political friend and ally of Alex Jones and his frequent collaborator – in person and remotely – on Infowars.

Stone came to Austin for most of a week back in April to help fill in for Jones during Jones’  child custody trial, with his ex-wife, Kelly Jones.

Roger in the Rotunda. Photo courtesy Greg Lewis.

Stone was back for three days of doing shows with Jones in mid-May.

On the last night of that stay, Stone called to see if I wanted to get dinner. Jones, he said, had him on an all-Mexican diet and he was ready for a steak.

We met at Perry’s Steakhouse.

Stone looked good but exhausted, as one might after spending three days with Alex Jones.


Stone was revived by a Stoli martini, steak tartare, wedge salad, New York strip, double Espresso and a good cigar.

I walked Stone back to his hotel. It was near the Russian House, a favorite spot of mine, and I recommended it to Stone, who has been implicated, he says without a shred of actual evidence, by those investigating the relationship between Russia and the Trump campaign.

Stone has volunteered – really demanded –  to testify publicly before Congress without necessity of a subpoena.

The walls of the Russian House are replete with images of Russian politics and history.


Better yet, as you walk in the door there, on the right, is a selection of Russian military garb – coats and hats – guests can dress up in.

Stone had work to do, so I went to the Russian House by myself that night.

Stone was back in Austin this week, filling in for Jones who was back at the Travis Country Courthouse for a post-trial,follow-up hearing with Judge Orlinda Naranjo Tuesday.

Alex Jones’ attorneys are seeking to set aside the jury verdict granting Kelly the status of primary parent in the joint custody of their three children, meaning that for the first time since before their 2015 divorce, the children will live with her and visit their father, rather than the other way around.

Naranjo did not hold a hearing on that motion Tuesday.

That night Stone texted me to see if I wanted to join him for dinner with Rick Derringer – who was his guest on Infowars that day – at Uncle Julios.

I couldn’t make dinner and Stone suggested drinks afterward at the Russian House, and so we met there.

Stone dressed up.

He posed next to a Russian bear.

Under a hammer and sickle.

And by a Nixonian caricature of Leonid Brezhnev, and a photo of Brezhnev kissing East German leader Erich Honecker.

The Nixon tattoo on Stone’s back. From the documentary, Get Me Roger Stone.

It was tango Tuesday at the Russian House.

It was an intense scene.

These tango dancers are serious and in the zone.

After a brisk discussion with self-described “conspiracy factualist” Elizabeth Everett, on whether Antonin Scalia was murdered, and didn’t die in his sleep, at a West Texas ranch, Stone and Everett tangoed

Stone was back on Infowars yesterday – with Alex Jones and Mike Cernovich, along with Stone another part of the developing Infowars lineup who is also well sourced in Trumpland.- and then hosting the last hour by himself.

Alex Jones:

Roger Stone is here in Austin. He is going to be in studio with us.

Why is Roger Stone here?

Because I am planning to launch in the next month and a half – I’ve just got to set an absolute deadline to go with it, I’ve got to come up with the names of the shows, and all the people in place, the equipment – to launch, basically, a TV network.

We’ve already got the satellites and some cable and some TV stations picking us up. But cable TV that’s in a talk radio format, something that I launched, 15, 16, 17 years ago, that’s basically tailored to talk radio.

So that’s what’s going on, that’s what’s being built, that’s what’s being set up.

Cernovich is going to have his own show, Stone’s going to have his own show, David Knight’s going to have his own show, Owen Shroyer’s going to have his own show, and they’re going to be somewhat roundtables for part of it because a lot of our hosts will be remote, but will also be anchored by professional stuff, with HD audio and video here in Austin, Texas.

We’re about to upgrade everything here in Austin, Texas. We’ve got a new, huge half million dollar studio going in, just the studio. Another quarter million in equipment – that sounds like a lot but that’s cheap to build a TV studio.

But these are nice and we’re really making a run at them. So I’m so excited and I know in my heart and my spirit that this Kathy Griffin, CNN is a terrorist organization meme is going take over. And again, it’s not just CNN, it’s any MSM, you want to target. They’re all in on it.

Here is an explanation of that meme and Jones’ new contest, the brainchild of Cernovich.

Remember during the 2016 presidential election, the establishment media tried to falsely manufacture stories about Trump being a sexual predator.

We knew it was essential that we point out that this tactic was simply a projection because the Clintons knew their big weaknesses were Bill Clinton’s sexual predatory past and Hillary Clinton’s history of defending rapists and child molesters when she was a lawyer.

That is why we launched the “Bill Clinton is a Rapist” operation, which became one of the main pivot points in the campaign.

Now we the American people, sick and tired of the bullying fake news media and their war on free speech and independent press, are standing up to this intimidation.

We encourage everyone to not just hold up signs to point out that CNN is ISIS and that MSM are terrorists, but to also use this campaign as an example to point out when mainstream media and entertainment writers, editors and hosts are calling for violence against Trump and against his supporters for simply only trying to make America great again.

Here’s the contest rules and here’s to our famous “Bill Clinton is a Rapist” successes. I salute you all; happy hunting!

CNN is ISIS contest!

We want you to win and do not want to create a bunch of boring rules. We also don’t want to play games. If you make a good effort, that might get you a prize.

$1,000 prize for anyone who is seen on TV with a “œCNN is ISIS” t-shirt or sign.

$2,500 prize for anyone who is seen on TV with a “CNN is ISIS sign” and who also is heard to say,

Follow the law. Do not trespass or violate any other state or local law.

This contest is open for the next 30 days, or until $200,000 in prizes have been given out.

You can get the shirts here, but you can also make your own shirts and own posters with the associated text.

Here’s the shirts available at To order, click on the shirt you like:

From yesterday’s show:


The media now if they could push a button and kill all of your children they would in a second, they hate us. They hate us.


And by the way, Cernovich is not just saying this. The left are mentally ill people. Losers, scum and sociopathic and psychopathic elites. They want to conquer us. They see us as schmucks that want open free societies. They see us as jokes who actually care about free markets and actually care about people’s freedom. They are affiliated with authoritarianism because they worship at the dark altar of tyranny.


Alex Jones:

This is an historic fact. But they want a war? Cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war?

They want to kill the Republic. Well the ghost of our king, Jesus, is now ravenously walking, you know, the battlefields of the mind, and they have sown the wind, they are now reaping the whirlwind politically. They hope for violence because they are intellectually losing the war of ideas with us.


All that pro-pedophilia stuff comes from the left as well. Pro pedophilia, pro terrorist, pro broken homes. We can now declare the left as a death cult. This is 100 percent fact. They worship death.S


Stone on Kathy Griffin:

This just shows you how sick Hollywood has become, how sick the Hollywood-New York axis has become.

Yesterday we had the rock legend, Rick Derringer, with us. He and his wife described how they  have been snubbed, insulted and abused, all because of their support for Donald Trump,  by the Hollywood left, by the entertainment industry. Instead you get freaks like this getting incredible coverage.

Alex Jones:

Exactly. And it’s been in the news. I heard about it years ago. But I’ve had top producers visit me, I mean guys who put on shows on television that have budgets of $150 million. I mean people bigger than Chris Carter, I’ll just leave it at that, and they’re in secret societies and have to have secret, conservative libertarian meetings in LA, in Houston and other places, and I’ve been invited to them, and I said, “Yeah, maybe, sure sometime, I’m pretty busy.” I’m not snubbing them, I just don’t have time to go to secret right-wing meetings, whatever.

Alex Jones:

But it just shows how crazy this country has gotten that people that have made hundreds of millions of dollars – they are not even conservatives, they’re just libertarians. Like Kurt Russell’s one of the few guys who said, “You know I like George Washington, I like America, I like freedom, I’m not liberal, I’m not conservative, but they won’t allow me to be who I am. They call me a right-winger and I’m sick of it, and the Second Amendment’s a good thing.”

And all these rich people have bodyguards, but they don’t want the public to have it. It’s a load of crap, and they try to get him in trouble. The truth is most people in Hollywood are libertarians. It’s the big producers and the Democratic Party that run it, that use it for propaganda, that threaten them with their jobs, if they don’t stay on the plantation.

Jones claims an ongoing relationship with President Trump, including Trump calling him on his Hawaii honeymoon  just before his inauguration, to congratulate Jones on his recent wedding, and offering to come back on the show, an offer that Jones said he declined because he thought it would be used against Trump.

Yesterday, Jones said that when he’s on the phone with the president, Trump is so quick and in touch that “he finishes my sentences for me.”

Credit that as you may, but with Cernovich and Stone officially on board, Infowars will undoubtedly generate some real news out of the White House – or at least some informed speculation, with potentially unsettling consequences for those who prefer to dismiss Infowars as fake news, period.

From Oliver Darcy at CNN:

Two of the Internet’s most notorious right-wing provocateurs are joining forces.

Mike Cernovich, a self-described “New Right” Internet personality, will begin regularly hosting part of “The Alex Jones Show” on InfoWars, a far-right media organization known for peddling unfounded conspiracy theories.

Cernovich, a 39-year-old lawyer from California, who guest hosted some segments on InfoWars last month, will host the fourth hour of Jones’ show once a week, starting today, but moving to Friday afternoons the following week, a representative for InfoWars told CNN.

While Cernovich will only initially be hosting an hour each week, the elevation to InfoWars host represents the meteoric rise in his profile over the past year.

Cernovich was an obscure writer and blogger before first surfacing on the political scene last year as a staunch supporter of then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. He gained notoriety as an online troll who peddled conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton’s health, among other things, frequently drawing ire from both conservatives and liberals alike for making inflammatory comments on a host of issues.

Cernovich has since amassed a large and highly engaged online following and even appeared to cultivate White House sources which have seemingly produced scoops. For instance, a small handful of stories he’s published in recent weeks have later been corroborated by more established news organizations, resulting in praise from the White House. Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Donald Trump, recently tweeted out a link to Cernovich’s Medium page. Donald Trump Jr. said he deserved the Pulitzer Prize.

And now he’s one of the first online right-wing trolls of the 2016 election cycle to take his act professional, if not quite mainstream. InfoWars and its founder Alex Jones spread conspiracy theories, but are also carried by 200 radio stations across the country, and visited by millions of readers online each month.

“I look forward to breaking huge stories on InfoWars,” Cernovich told CNN. “Although I enjoy political commentary, breaking news is even more important these days, and InfoWars is a great platform with a massive audience of news and information addicts.”

While Cernovich may break some news, he certainly does not do so in the traditional sense. In the stories he’s authored that have checked out, he’s played loose with the facts and applied a partisan spin to advance a narrative. In others, he’s made wild claims without sufficient evidence to support them.

Jones is similar. President Trump may have praised his reputation as “amazing,” but the radio and television personality is arguably the nation’s leading conspiracy theorist, if not the world’s. He posited that the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax, contended the US government was behind the September 11 terror attacks, and has advanced over the years a number of other unfounded conspiracy theories.

In many ways, the marriage between Cernovich and InfoWars is a perfect fit. Both represent a brand of journalism perhaps best comparable to the National Enquirer. Each hawks sensational and often wildly inaccurate or misleading stories to their audiences, but mixes them in with a smattering of items that appear to hold some water.

Such a strategy helps create a defense against critics who categorize InfoWars and Cernovich under the so-called “fake news” umbrella. While most of their reports may not be accurate, they can point to legitimate scoops corroborated by mainstream news outlets as evidence they should be trusted on everything else they report, blurring the lines for news consumers.

The move for Cernovich to join forces with InfoWars may foreshadow further coalescing in a far-right universe that had thus far largely been composed of loosely affiliated allies. That has already been happening to some extent. Earlier this year, InfoWars hired Jerome Corsi, a far-right bestselling author, to serve as its Washington bureau chief. Roger Stone, a longtime Republican political operative who in the past served as an adviser to Trump, regularly fills in as a host for Jones.

It also signals a splintering from the more traditional conservative media industrial complex. While Cernovich and other right-wing provocateurs share viewers with outlets like Fox News, they’ve drawn on an entirely different infrastructure to get their messages out — one which appears to be growing larger and stronger by the day.

And from Charlie Warzel, the Buzzfeed reporter who I met when he came to Austin to cover the Alex Jones trial, and finish his Jones profile.

As he writes here, What Happens When The Pro-Trump Media Get Actual Scoops? Major scoops by former trolls have short-circuited the bullshit detector of the mainstream media.

Last March, in a 60 Minutes segment on fake news, CBS’s Scott Pelley introduced a vast new audience to Mike Cernovich, touting the pro-Trump blogger and self-help author as a troll “who has become a magnet for readers with a taste for stories with no basis in fact.” For viewers at home, it was a reassuring characterization: Cernovich, who championed rumors of Hillary Clinton’s poor health during the final months of the election, was a troll masquerading as a journalist — fake news through and through.

But the early months of the Trump administration have proven Pelley wrong; certainly, they’ve complicated the once black-and-white characterization of the pro-Trump media as purveyors of fake news. In recent weeks especially, the pro-Trump media has frequently seized control of the political news cycle via an unexpected tactic: real and, at times, well-sourced reporting.

Since April, Cernovich has broken a number of significant national security stories, many of which have been subsequently confirmed — at least in part — by mainstream outlets. In early April, he correctly reported that former Obama national security adviser Susan Rice had requested to unmask the identities of Trump associates. Days later, Cernovich tweeted, “Breaking news! Possible air strikes by the U.S. in Syria tonight” just 30 minutes before President Trump authorized the evening’s attack. He followed that up with another story that the national security adviser, Gen. H.R. McMaster, had drawn up a potential plan to bring ground troops into Syria. A number of details in the story were confirmed days later by Bloomberg.

And the scoops kept coming. Cernovich, an expert self-promoter, even took a victory lap with a Medium post titled “7 Stories Mike Cernovich Had Before the Mainstream Media — How Can They Call Him ‘Fake News’?”

The question in the headline is one that’s legitimately vexing, especially for the reporters who’ve been forced to follow, read, and react to the torrent of tweets, videos, and posts Cernovich churns out. Big scoops by personalities who rose to prominence online by crossing the line into trolldom have short-circuited a mainstream-media bullshit detector that once spotted fake news by bylines alone. “He’s definitely really sourced up in DC, and it’s mind-boggling,” one White House reporter told BuzzFeed News.

Cernovich himself appears to be taken aback by his new role near the center of the political news cycle. “It’s kinda surreal actually,” Cernovich told BuzzFeed News.


All of this is uncharted territory. The implications of legitimized, proudly ideological former trolls breaking news and gaining trust could further blur the lines between fact and fiction and lend credence to their older, provably false stories, like Pizzagate. Still, dismissing this emerging pro-Trump media outright could prove perilous for newsrooms. Especially in traditional conservative media, Cernovich and company’s national security sources are potentially worrisome for outlets that might have expected better access in a Republican White House. Alex Jones seemed to sense this when he snatched up Cernovich late last month for a regular hosting spot on Infowars.

And no one’s political relationship with Trump is longer or deeper than Stone’s.

From Lizza’s piece:

On May 11th Roger Stone, Donald Trump’s on-again, off-again political adviser for several decades, had just wrapped up a pair of morning television appearances when, according to two sources with direct knowledge, he received a call from the President.

Just a night earlier, Trump claimed that he was no longer in touch with Stone. In the weeks and months ahead, the relationship between Trump and Stone is expected to be a significant focus of investigators, and their call raises an important question: Why is the President still reaching out to figures in the middle of the Russia investigations? Previous reports have noted that Trump has also been in touch with Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn, two figures targeted by the F.B.I.’s Russia probe. Add Stone to the list of former top Trump aides who, despite being under investigation, are still winning attention from the President.


Stone has been through this cycle many times over. As Stone left the studio on May 11th, the President, who the evening before had essentially pretended not to know him anymore, had a simple message: good job.

With Stone officially in the Infowars fold it seems only a matter of time before Trump does the show again.

Maybe the president will even come to Austin and do it live.

And maybe if and when Donald Trump comes to Austin, he’ll stop for a drink at the Russian House.

Russian House bartender  Giovanni Colapietro,

I mean, with more than 50 different types of vodka and 101 infused vodkas, why wouldn’t he?

Oh, wait, the president doesn’t drink.

Well, there’s always the Ukrainian borscht.

I’ve had it a few times. It’s quite good.












Author: Jonathan Tilove

Jonathan Tilove is the Statesman's chief political writer. He was a Washington correspondent for the New Orleans Times-Picayune from 2008 to 2012. Before that he covered race and immigration issues for Newhouse News Service for 18 years.

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