The greatest story ever trolled: On Milo Yiannopoulos, Alex Jones and Donald Trump

Good Friday Austin:

President Trump is a good story.

As presidential copy, probably the best ever, with the possible exception of, as he would have it, the late, great Abraham “Civil War” Lincoln.

As an above-the-fold headliner, Trump is a truly Promethean figure, who somehow has his liver eaten daily by the twin eagles of The New York Times and the Washington Post and assorted other journalistic vultures, only to somehow regenerate it in time to tweet new bile by dawn’s early light – day after day after day after day.

And it’s not just ephemeral newspaper headlines.

Take a look at the New York Times bestseller list.

1 – A book about Trump and Chief Strategist Steve Bannon.

2 – A book about the making of the Trump electorate.

3 – Astrophysics for Dummies.

4 – A book about a stalwart Democratic comedian-turned-senator in the Age of Trump.

(Don’t be fooled. This book is number 4 because of its collection of the author’s caustic anecdotes explaining why he so loathes Ted Cruz.)

And 5:

From the Amazon description:

The liberal media machine did everything they could to keep this book out of your hands. Now, finally, Dangerous, the most controversial book of the decade, is tearing down safe spaces everywhere.

The New York Times Bestseller List thumbnail reads: The alt-right provocateur criticizes political correctness.

According to Milo, the “alt-right” part no longer applies.

It is true that in March 2016, Milo (in the interests of time and character husbandry and because, that is how he refers to himself, not least on his book cover, I will refer to him simply as Milo), wrote an influential taxonomy An Establishment Conservative’s  Guide to the Alt-Right – with Allum Bokhari, a Breitbart colleague at the time, that mapped that political terrain and, in the process, helped put it on the political map.

At the time, Milo was identified as a senior editor for Breitbart, who “can be followed at @Nero.”

That’s not longer the case.

He can no longer by followed at @Nero.




And in February, Milo quit Breitbart.

But if Milo is no longer with Breitbart, neither is his mentor, Bannon, who along with the Almighty, merits last mention in his book, just before the end notes.

In the book, Milo proclaims the alt-right dead, killed, he says, by the media and by Richard Spencer, who Statesman readers may recall from his tumultuous appearance last December at Texas A&M.

And, Milo writes, what is left of the alt-right hates him.


So Milo prefers to think of himself as dangerous like Lenny Bruce or Zsa Zsa, or Anna Nicole Smith.

Or Madonna.

And Milo’s evident talent, as he writes, is as a troll.

And, it seems, President Trump is never not trolling.

The man trolled the Boy Scout Jamboree.

Milo only mentions Alex Jones by name once in his book.

Which brings us to Milo’s visit to Austin yesterday and his appearance on Infowars, in which he and Alex Jones for 90 minutes played off one another in some tandem trolling to their mutual delight, and in the midst of which, Milo said that, in fact, researchers had confirmed Jones was right about the frogs.

(Note: I was scheduled to meet Milo for an interview yesterday evening, but it didn’t come off as scheduled.)

Milo began with some obligatory MSM bashing:

… the American media, which has always been the dumbest media, it has always been the stupidest media of anywhere in the world. I mean you go to Britain, you’ve got sharp, smart, brilliant, incredibly gifted, waspish gadflies, whether it’s the tabloid media or whatever.

You come to America and they are, by some margin, the dumbest people, they are the dumbest press, anywhere in the Western world. And we’ve gone from pitying them to be in open warfare against them. Anybody who believes in freedom, the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, any of those things that make this country such a fantastic place to live, if you care about any of that stuff, have no choice but to be in open warfare.





They talked about John Oliver’s recent show devoted to Jones and the stuff he sells (which now includes Milo’s book).



I watched that John Oliver segment. He’s supposed to be a comedian and not a single one of his punch lines landed. I was trying to think of something to ask you about it but it was so boring and so rubbish. I mean, neither of us is difficult people to satirize, because we like to have fun with ourselves, because we enjoy laughing at ourselves, we’re not difficult people to satirize, yet they can’t do it because they’re such bad comedians.

It’s not just that their last resort is comedy, it’s that their last resort is to unfunny comedy. It’s awful.

They trolled their mutual antagonist, Glenn Beck and his network, The Blaze.


Dangerous, available at Dangerous, which is the most manly name you could have. Not The Blaze, the blazing fag of Glenn Beck. I’m sorry. It’s fun to say that. We’re not being anti-gay. We love the fact that Glenn is gay

I’m a latent person. I want you Glenn Beck.

Marry me. I’m not going to lie anymore. I want Glenn Beck.

You know what this is called? Mac Trolls. This will be all over the newspapers.

Milo:  He dresses like an elderly gay antique dealer.

Milo and Alex had great fun going page by page through the Madam President Newsweek commemorative edition, with Jones matching Milo’s British accent with the one he regularly uses when he wants to sound snooty.


The most unintentional comedy in the galaxy.



A caller told Milo, “I love your outspoken honesty, especially on the subject of Jewish control in America.” He cited Milo’s appearance on the Rubin Report.


Well, we were talking about antisemitism, and I said I think that one thing that’s not antisemitic is merely pointing out that we, as Jews, are vastly over-represented in industries that are perceived as powerful, like the media and like banking, and that’s perfectly true and not an antisemitic statement.


My deal is, a lot of the anti-Jew crowd, that they attribute magical powers, they’re saying that everything I have is Jewish and Jews tell me what to do, and it’s just an excuse for people not to be successful … It just gets old, and personally I’ve experienced it. If somebody slips on a banana peel a Jew did it. It gets old, but I let the caller get on and talk about it.

They concluded their 90 minutes by toasting one another with pink Cosmos with complementary rose-pink and lime green umbrellas.

AJ: What a delicious Jewish-made drink.

AJ: You know I think this could be chilled a bit more.

Milo: Maybe two or three degrees. It’s good though.

AJ: Cheers to Madame President.









Author: Jonathan Tilove

Jonathan Tilove is the Statesman's chief political writer. He was a Washington correspondent for the New Orleans Times-Picayune from 2008 to 2012. Before that he covered race and immigration issues for Newhouse News Service for 18 years.

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