Alex Jones ungagged: Post-trial, the Infowarrior tells the `little vampires’ of the MSM how much they suck.


Good Monday Austin:

My last two weeks were consumed with the Alex Jones-Kelly Jones child custody trial.

On Thursday, the last day of the trial, I took my seat in the front row in the small, third-floor Travis County Courthouse courtroom so as to have a good view of Alex Jones, who would be seated a few feet in front of me, for the closing arguments. I figured it was the best seat in the house and my judgment was confirmed when, a few minutes after I sat down and a few minutes before the trial was to resume, Alex Jones sat down right next to me.

I nodded hello and Jones explained that he was sitting there to hold some seats open for family members.
Fair enough.

I asked – though I knew he probably couldn’t answer me because of a gag order in effect – whether he planned any kind of press conference after the verdict.

“Can’t talk about it,” Jones replied.

And then, a confidential aside: “Funny how the media always misses the big story.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“You’ll find out,” he said.

Jones was breathing audibly.

“These Austin allergies,” he said.

I agreed they were terrible.

They are so bad, he said, “I might have to leave Austin in a few years.”

Wow. That was evidently not the big story that he was referring to.

But that would be a big story, right?

Allergens chase Alex Jones from Austin.

If so, it would be too bad.

When the Big Book of Austin Characters  is written, Alex Jones will have a pride of place.

And Alex Jones being in Austin gave me some local purchase on one of the most interesting political stories of the Trump Era.

Jones’ parents arrived, sat down next to me and Jones took his place alongside his lawyers a few feet away.

The jury didn’t deliver its verdict until about 10 p.m. – granting  his ex-wife primary joint custody of their three children, meaning their primary residence will now be with her instead of him –  Jones and his lawyers rushed out of the Courthouse when it was over. I chased after him, but to no avail.

But, no worry. The next day, on Friday, Jones tweeted that he would be having a press conference in front of the Courthouse.

What follows is a video of that half-hour press conference, as posed by Infowars, and a transcript I made of it. Also, Charlie Warzel, who covered the trial for Buzzfeed, Periscoped the event and I include some screen shots that include comments people made on his Periscoping of the event, as it happened. That audience is not particularly sympathetic to Jones.

Also, before I turn the show over to Alex Jones, I need to make a couple of points.

The reason the trial drew so much attention was because the original frame of the story was that Alex Jones’ attorneys would argue in court that his on-air persona is just that, a persona.

From my original story that appeared in the Statesman the day the trail opened.

At a recent pretrial hearing, attorney Randall Wilhite told state District Judge Orlinda Naranjo that using his client Alex Jones’ on-air Infowars persona to evaluate Alex Jones as a father would be like judging Jack Nicholson in a custody dispute based on his performance as the Joker in “Batman.”

“He’s playing a character,” Wilhite said of Jones. “He is a performance artist.”

Jones complained bitterly that that frame was a media smear – that while he sometimes plays characters in satiric bits on the show, that the Alex Jones character and the politics he espouses are authentically him.

But, to be clear, as much as he may not like the way he was depicted as “playing a character” on Infowars, like Jack Nicholson playing the Joker in Batman,  he paid his lawyers tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to come up with that legal strategy.

Now, it could be he was a distracted listener when his lawyers outlined that strategy for him.

Or it could be that he and his lawyers figured that the case – which was and remains under seal – would be tried without any press coverage, so no one outside the courtroom would be any wiser about the strategy.

But, the point is, the viral theme that Alex Jones is playing a character on Infowars originated with his legal team.

But, in fairness to them, they needed to come up with an argument, in advance of the trial, that would enable them to argue persuasively in front of state District Judge Orlinda Naranjo, that Kelly Jones’ lawyers should not be able to use the things Jones says on Infowars, and the way how he says it, in the trial – that they should not be able to play Infowars tapes to the jury, and the only way to do that was to persuade her that the Alex Jones on Infowars is not the Alex Jones who is a father to his children.

Because, if Kelly Jones’ lawyers were able to mine the truly vast Infowars archivs for tapes to play before a jury made up of anything but devoted Infowarriors, it would be child’s play to portray Alex Jones as a maniac, not to mention a paranoid conspiracy theorist who believes that 9/11 was an inside job and the Sandy Hook massacre was hoax.

Instead, his lawyers were mostly able to put Infowars off limits.

But, as the outcome of the trial attests, not entirely.

And that is because, as his long and winding and ultimately truly bizarre Friday afternoon press conference demonstrates, his legal team’s argument notwithstanding, there really is no clear delineation between Alex Jones the father – who is ostensibly who is conducting this press conference and is well in evidence early on – and Alex Jones the host of Infowars, who is increasingly in evidence as the event unfolds.

Here goes.

The establishing shot of the Infowars video is my bushy pony tail and thinning hair on the back of my head as Alex Jones arrives from his attorenys’ law office across the street from the courthouse.

Enter Alex Jones.


OK, everybody’s got their feeding frenzy going on here.

All the fake news media can edit in all their fake clips in this but the folks watching on-line will see the truth.

I have a little statement I’m going to make and later I’m going to put on-line some of these documents.

We’re going back three years ago. I didn’t file for divorce. I never tried to take my kids away from my ex-wife. Four separate times she filed to take them away.

The courts, the guardian ad litems, the system, thought it was horrible. I gotta say the system actually here in liberal Austin said, “This is horrible, this is child abuse, we’re taking the kids away and giving them to you,” and I said, “I want them to be with their mom too.” She said, no, they’re with me, not with you, in five separate filings, four in the first three years of it, but we’re now over three years into this. So that’s the reality. I know the media won’t get that right.

In fact the case wasn’t even about that with the media. Our closing arguments weren’t even covered by the media. Everything was cherry-picked. Just like we’re showing on this live feed right here.

We will show what we actually said versus what MSM said and how it’s taken out of context. And that’s why mainstream media is collapsing, that’s why it’s dying. That’s why you guys sit there and desperately say that I’m fake news or I’m an actor.

When somebody asks if I’m in a movie , am I an actor, am I fake? No, when I’m playing a role in a movie, I’m playing that part, but when I’m politically speaking for something, I totally believe it. I’m not bought and paid for by the big corporations. I’m not funded by people like George Soros. I’m funded by my listeners and my viewers, over 45 million conservatively a week.

So here’s my basic statement that I wrote on this whole situation.

I want to respond t- o the grossly inaccurate media reports that I lost custody of my children. My wife and I decided two years ago at the time of our divorce to be joint managing conservators for our three wonderful children. My ex-wife went to court to ask to become the sole managing conservator and limit me to supervised access and gave no reasons.

What she said the trial I wanted – to take the kids away – is what she put in her filing.

Pretty interesting.

The jury resoundingly rejected her request for sole custody and left us at the same place where we began this horrible journey over three years ago.

This jury agreed we should remain as joint managing conservators with the only change being who could name the primary residence, effectively a change of ten miles. As only the judge in the case can decide what amount of time each parent will have with their children, I am confident the judge will carefully consider the schedules that have been put in place the last two years and give each of us the time that is appropriate.

I have throughout this ordeal deferred to the experts and the court to determine the children’s schedule with due regard to their own wishes, something that was ignored – their own wishes to reside with me. I have and will continue to place my trust in the court to continue to do what is in the best interests of my children.

And I say that, quite frankly, because I was just blown away by the fact that I had a divorce filed on me, and then I agreed to have guardian ad litems and social workers investigate me and have all this alcohol and drug testing done, and never been in trouble in my life, and they said, “You’re a wonderful dad, here’s your kids.”

And then I come back four or five times in court, trying to work toward my wife being 50-50, or my ex-wife, and then the media won’t even touch on that and it becomes some story that I had my kids and  I had taken them and I was this alienator when the literal definition of alienation was engaged in.

You dehumanize me and my children, you dehumanize yourselves. That’s what this comes down to.

So all I want is the truth to come out on all of this because I didn’t file for divorce. I didn’t trigger this. The courts – three separate judges and an arbitrator – took my children away from my ex-wife and gave them exclusively to me. I never asked for that. I want to be with them, I love them. But the incredible lies that were put out in the trial, with never any evidence, was absolutely amazing and mind-boggling.

So understand that, ladies and gentlemen, this was one of the first modern trials where you have corporate, establishment, mercenary media perched in the courtroom literally cherry-picking, twisting and distorting everything.

That’s why it’s accelerated the demise of the corporate media.

You guys wonder why you have dwindling audiences, why you don’t have support. It’s because you deceive people, you lie to people, and I know you have corporate masters, who order you do that, I know you’ve got editors who add disinformation to your stories. But again, that’s the bottom line.

Nothing the media got about this was right except one thing. The media was sitting there watching the case saying this is going absolutely terribly bad for his ex-wife, but that’s because you were not using emotion, you were looking at the facts.

And all the experts who were triggered and called in via the state by my ex-wife, all of it, I and my children were the victims of alienation. We were the victims of a certified program to pull them away from me forever, where I would never see them again or only see them on supervised visits, for no reason. And that’s why the liberal counties of Hays and Austin and Travis County said, that’s why the super-liberal counties of Hays and Travis County said, “Alex Jones, we may not agree with your politics, but you’re a great dad. Here’s your kids.’

And then the media got in there and perched and put out their propaganda and put it on the front page of the paper as if you had some victory against me.

My listeners and my audience see through all of this garbage and are fully aware of what happened. So again, much of the court record is public now, if any of you want to claim you’re mainstream media, you will discover the fact that it was the court-appointed Ph.D. who said I engaged in no alienation. it was the guardian ad litem, Ph.D., highly respected, that said there was a campaign of alienation against me and my children, and took them away to stop it.

So you have bought into the inverse of reality, and it all turns into a big comedy spectacle, and then you guys spin it and say, “Oh, that’s what you do sometimes,” so it’s supposedly OK for you to do it, when in truth I didn’t do it and what you covered was something out of context and another deception.

(Note: The trial records, and all previous records in the case, are under seal. The litigants were – and may still be – under a gag order. So, all that reporters had to go on was what was said in the courtroom during the trial. Kelly Jones had moved to unseal the file before the trial and Alex Jones moved, successfully, to keep the file sealed. When I asked Jones at the press conference if he had released sealed court documents he said “some,” but that was all he said.)


That’s why Infowars is blowing up. That’s why our support is exploding. That’s why we have more visitors and more supporters and more financial support than I have even had on Election Day with 80-million plus viewers and listeners in one week.

So thank you all, in the last two weeks your mainstream media deception has only intensified the power of Infowars as people across the world see that I am under attack, and the attempts to take my children from me, with lawsuits, attempts to put me in jail, attempts to destroy me. Google admits there basically setting up systems to banning us off the internet.

All of it’s coming out because I’m not a coward and I’m not bought and paid for by multi-national corporations. I’m standing up for the people and I’m telling the truth and serious men and women of every race, creed and color, know the truth and nationalism and freedom and renaissance and true liberalism is awakening again and all the old whore corporate media are going to be swept away like a big rain coming in and flooding into the gutters.

So that’s the bottom line ladies and gentlemen. A lot more coming in the near future as we move forward in defense of this Republic and in defense of freedom and in defense  of truth. I want to thank all the viewers and listeners out there.

We’ve got all the media here. All here to pretend like they’re media – some of them might be real – to pretend like they’re media and then say, here’s Alex Jones the prop, here, let our editors put the normal little comments in and disinformation and lies about him and let’s pretend that we’re reporters. Let’s pretend that we actually went out and did something, let’s pretend we actually went out and interviewed somebody and actually found the truth. Let’s pretend that we’re really the press. That’s what all of this is about. So  our listeners watching right now can see who is pretending.

A reporter asks why, with such disdain for the media, he is holding the press conference.


I’ve sit and watched as the media twisted and lied about my family for weeks, so what I’m doing is trolling the media like I always do, calling you out here, so the real people out there can see the truth and understand it and have a record of what happened to then compare it to what I said and what you twisted and what you did.

So you’re not real media even. It’s the process of groveling to the corporate systems to sit there and try to get them to give you some funding, that if you  are somehow a good little deceptive person they will give you some jobs or some money, so that’s all this really is.

Are there any real questions?

He is asked what he has told his children.

That’s a great question. What do I say to my children, who I never in three years brought into this, who I never made public.

I never asked the media to come into this. I was never a part of any of that. It was other people who brought the little vampires in to be all part of this to come in and sit there and point their finger and go, “There’s the bad man, let’s shut him down, let’s put words in his mouth.”

I mean my children know that the corporate media lie, and they go to school and they hear about this and they know the truth and they go, “Why does the media say that and why does the media say this,” and I explain they are not the media, they’re the people who with the corporatists and the globalists helped to hijack this nation and they’re being torn out of control now, they’re being removed like a tick off a dog’s rear end and torn off this country and they realize it as little parasites, as followers, as conformists posing as trendies as their time is short.

He was asked about being sued by Chobani yogurt, for allegedly filing false reports about the company and its owner.

I’ve talked to four lawyers about the Chobani lawsuit and they all say it is completely frivolous, an absolute and complete PR stunt, and I was on the phone with my DC lawyers and my Idaho lawyers today and we are thinking about an aggressive corporate strategy to actually go after the New York Federal Reserve, which he is board member of, and the school lunch program he is part of and these other loans and deals he’s got going that are monopolistic.

My lawyer has also dealt with some of the suits that were part of the Boston Herald with, and they found the Saudi money going to the local group and they got shot down everything got paid back. so I’ve got my lawyers, they’re all handling that and we’re looking at counter lawsuits because we were reporting on news about the reported sexual assaults that the media said didn’t happen that they’ve now plead guilty for and they’re, “let’s not connect it with the yogurt maker.” No, just the owner who pushes for refugees to be brought in with George Soros and George Soros’s founded law firm that’s suing me.

So technically I’m not saying the owner himself imported these people. The point is they are being brought in unvetted. so we covered other people’s reports and they played little games, little factoid parts of it, so we’re very very confident of that.

Note: I have no idea what he’s talking about and my guess is that it is all conspiracy theory gobbledygook in which a bunch of key words are strung together to suggest something nefarious without foundation.


What happens is, when we get attacked, the listenership and support just goes up exponentially.

So what happens is attacks go up to here, support goes up to there, and attacks go up to here and support goes up to those trees. It just goes up and up and up. It’s like an absolute elevator.

What’s happening is people get it. They understand it’s a war. They understand it’s a fight. They understand what’s going on with the corporate media and they absolutely love it.

So we understand the Democratic strategy. We were already aware of it months ago, but there’s all sort of slap statutes in Texas and a lot of serious issues. So we’re looking forward to discovery on Chobani and we’re looking  really, really forward to looking into Turkey and the Kurds and the funding of the operation. We’ve also got our intel sources on that.

Back to the custody case:

Technically we already had joint custody. That’s all I ever sought. My ex-wife had sought sole, and supervised visits, OK, so that was in the original filing, and so, because that happened, I was always trying to get joint. So the courts in 2005 (think he means 2015), when we had a divorce settlement, but then the courts came in and said because we had some issues and because she went off to a treatment center in Arizona, which came into the trial, didn’t seem to matter, the news never reported it and other stuff, that I won’t get into it, had nothing to do with it. She was just gone for five weeks and then it turns into this whole fantasy land with mainstream media. And so the courts and the judges and the social workers and the guardian ad litems that she triggered that she brought in on me.

I was, “Sure, I have nothing to hide.”


“Test my blood.”

“Wow, you’re great.”

“Wow, you’re a really great guy. We don’t like how you are on the air. But you’re a really cool guy.”

Fourteen different Ph.D”s, psychiatrists, experts all said, doing home studies, “Man, you’re a really great guy. Here’s your kids.” Without me even asking. And then I’m in court trying to get a relationship back, saying, “Here, let’s be 50-50, kids need their mother.” And then there’s the news stories that I am alienating children. Total, complete lie, none of it true.

Another question about custody.


No I had total custody. I’m not a lawyer. We had joint but I was the main conservator, now she has joint with where the main house is listed, but it’s all up to the judge, who, by the way, is one of the most thorough judges I’ve seen. Amazing how she keeps everything, I’m not saying she’s perfect, but I was amazed at how she had a lot of fair rulings and stayed on top of things.

Basically until she rules in the next few months on what this jury did she is – exactly – like the custodial parent. The jury told folks that they wished they had a third or fourth choice, they just wanted to give mom some more time and I totally get that, that seems reasonable, it’s just that she never put in the steps that were put in by the social workers and the Ph.D’s that she called in.

She wanted us assessed. She called them in. And the reason there were 34 of them is that she would get rid of each group of them because they wouldn’t say what she wanted and then she would get a new group. OK, here’s a new group.

Or she’d say, “I don’t like this judge,” so that judge would step aside and there would be a new judge. New judge would look at the information and do the exact same thing. And so it was the same story over and over, and look, I care about my ex-wife. You know, mental illness is a serious thing when it’s the kind of situation she’s been diagnosed with.

And look, none of us are perfect, and I’m sure we all have issues, but the bottom line is it’s about my children, it’s not about what I say or what I do or how the media edits what I say or they edit what I stand for.

It’s like I saw Stephen Colbert like two months ago play this clip off YouTube, it was a tiny little clip, they had it shrunk down, and they had me saying “I’m anti-gay.”

They’ll probably take that and say I said that. That’s not me discredited, that’s the media.

I said, “I’m anti-gay,” but the real clip said, “I’m not anti-gay.” So they take that and put that on TV. That doesn’t discredit me, that the editors on his show did that. That’s their problem.

Another question about where the children are now and when they might change residences.

They’re with me. That’s up to the judge.


I don’t know, probably months.

She sees them a couple of times a week, overnights and all that.

The stuff that was testified to was fiction.

It’s just divorce stuff.

And people make fun of what I cover and what I do and say, “Oh Alex Jones doesn’t have any listeners or any viewers, he’s this outlier.” But everything I do gets covered because they know the truth. We get up to 80 million viewers a week, always about 45 million. That’s big. That’s double the size of Rush Limbaugh. That’s bigger than most Fox News shows throughout a whole week. So that’s why there’s so much demonization, that’s why there are so many attacks. That’s why there are so many misrepresentations because that’s where the media is.

But it’s a complex issue and I would just ask folks to wait and see what the ruling of the judge is and I have faith in that and I just want whatever is right for the kids. I hope the kids are with their mother more as long as she’s doing well and as long as she’s not dysregulating, and stuff like that.

And I get people are scared of Donald Trump. And I get that it’s fun to pick some low-hanging fruit like myself and make that kind of like the piñata and say that’s the devil and stuff, but I’m very critical of Trump, very critical of the Democrats. I’m critical of both political parties. That’s another manufactured mainstream media thing.

I mean I’m very happy with Trump on some issues, like trying to get our jobs back to America. But I think it’s terrible that Trump is talking about indicting Assange, who he said, “If you got more stuff, give it to me.” Trump said, “If you’ve got more WikiLeaks, give it to me Wikileaks.

And that’s totally wrong and I’ve been talking about that for weeks. The media won’t pick up on that, because it’s all just this distortion of where I stand and what I do. I’m not a Republican, I’m not a Democrat. I’m a libertarian.

Take human-animal chimeras.

Uh oh. Here we go.

They have jokes all over TV, Jones thinks they’re crossing humans with pigs and cows. Well 20 years ago they were crossing humans and animals and growing them in utero for body parts. That’s mainstream scientific journals, but this cameraman is laughing right here. This guy right here.

I mean you could type in human-animal chimeras and get 100,000 mainstream articles, but still, people are preconditioned to make a joke like it doesn’t exist.

From Antonio Regaldao, Jan. 6, 2016, in Technology Review: Human-Animal Chimeras Are Gestating on U.S. Research Farms A radical new approach to generating human organs is to grow them inside pigs or sheep.

Like Harvard saying fluoride lowers your IQ in two years on just 1.6 parts per million, by at least 10 points, 12 points, 15 points. People just make jokes, they don’t look up the Harvard studies.

From Impact of fluoride on neurological development in children

It’s all just funny because people are followers and it makes them feel powerful to just laugh at stuff.

Let’s talk to this cameraman, because when I was talking about human-animal chimeras he was laughing.

Jones approaches the cameraman who says he “couldn’t say one way or another” about human-animal chimeras.

A voice calls out “spider goats.”


Spider goats, all of it.


They’ll probably play that, and Colbert will go, “Oh look, spider goats.”

Do you have any idea how dangerous all these human-animal chimeras are?

Do you have any idea the super viruses and mutations it’s creating?

Cancers are way up. Allergies are way up. This will affect your kids. This isn’t funny. I’ve had top scientists on about this. I mean 20 years ago they had rhesus monkeys that you could buy in Hong Kong in bazaars that glow in the dark, that are part jellyfish.

Think that’s funny. They have horrible lives. It’s incredibly painful fort them. Colbert will probably play that because monkeys in medical experiments is funny. It’s funny that I’m upset about that. It’s funny. It’s fun to laugh at because it’s fun to be ignorant and just be a trendy. It’s fun to laugh at Alex Jones. It’s fun.

Jones spots  “my great attorney” Randall Wilhite and calls him over, says that Wilhite had never see any case like it in 30-some  years in law.

Randy, get over here and talk to the folks about the whole state of the union.


Well I don’t know about the whole state of the union but I have had the opportunity to represent this man for the last three years, we’ve been through a lot of battles together, we’ve been through a lot of wars.

We’re fighting for his children, we’re still going to be fighting for his children. We’ve got a little more to do in court and looking forward to the opportunity to present the case and Mr. Jones has said it all so far and I think that’s all I want to say at this point, just keep it kind of broad and general.


Absolutely, and when you look at this case, a lot of stuff going on. They keep asking me, “Who has the kids?  Where are we going, when are we going to find out, what’s happening?”

That’s up to the judge right now.


We have a hearing. I think it’s going to be scheduled in about a month before our judge in the court, and at that time the judge may hear more evidence, may not, but at that time the judge is going to make an apportionment of time between Alex Jones and Kelly Jones and we’re going to have to wait for that.

That’s something that the jury doesn’t do, that’s something the judge does. That’s just the way our law breaks down the two different elements. We’re waiting for that. That’s in approximately a month. I don’t have a specific date or I would give it to you, but sometime around the end of May.


And Texas is the only state that has juries for family law.


Texas is the only state as far as I know, and I think I’ve got it, that allows juries to decide issues of child custody. We’ve had that trial, we’ve had that split verdict from yesterday. We’re going to take that and go forward and see what Judge Naranjo will do with how she apportions the time between Alex and between Kelly.


And I gotta tell you, I’m impressed not just with this judge individually but with the whole court system how professional it is and how you keep track of everything. I gotta say, it’s been a real eye-opener for me, how complex this stuff is.


It is complex, lot of moving parts and we are in the good, capable hands of Judge Naranjo, still are, and I can’t comment on that, not allowed to by the rules that govern lawyers, so I am going to keep at 40,000 feet, but there’s more to this that’s coming up and we’re going to do our best to fight for the Jones’ children.


All right. I’ll see you over there. Did you come over to grab me?


No I didn’t.


You came over here to see the spectacle.



Next question, How are your kids doing?


You know they’re doing all right. My children are doing all right. They’re just reading the newspaper and they’re saying, “That’s not true dad,” or “You didn’t do that dad.'”

And there was so much going on in this trial that the media would get wrong, or it would be an evidentiary meeting, or something would get thrown out. There was a lot of stuff where there wasn’t supposed to be evidence that got in, and then magically it got played and it was edited, just, you know, but that’s what happens when you’re changing the world.

That’s what happens when the old decaying system is upset by people who don’t have all the answers but are just not going to go along with it anymore. And so you know that happened when our country was founded.

In places like North Korea and Venezuela, they don’t have change. They live in stagnant control, everybody follows orders. And then those people flee those countries and come here and bitch and complain about the little bit of freedom that is left and complain about the American system of free market. And that of course is until that system collapses, and then we realize, we wish we hadn’t killed America.

But the globalists want to kill competition, they want to consolidate control, so I’m just here to tell everyone that Infowars is growing, it’s expanding, and I want to thank all the listeners and viewers for their prayers, but I just wanted to come over here and have a little press conference with you guys and clarify where everything is, where every things stands, and much of what they keep saying in the trial – the lawyers would say, “He throws away the toys.” He does this, but there would never be a witness on the stand saying it.

I was ready to hear, “And he crucified Christ, and he sank the Lusitania and he Titanic, and he shot Lincoln at Ford Theater, and Alex Jones robbed Fort Knox, and Alex Jones poisoned George Washington, and Alex Jones did this and Alex Jones did that.” But the great news is that that mainstream media is so discredited that the more they attack me, the more listeners and support we get. It’s quite a paradigm.

But in little nested areas of followers like Austin, Texas, it’s pretty clear that the government-loving, corporate worship system, fake liberal system, still has its tentacles growing and doing well, so we hope to revive some of the people, just like North Koreans are in a cult or people in Venezuela are in a cult, or people in Cuba are in a cult. We’re just here talking to a bunch of pseudo intellectuals and fops and hoping that some day they will break out of the control paradigm they’re in.

But regardless, it doesnt’ matter. We’re just glad to be trailblazers and be free and we’re just really, really glad that the American people are continuing to wake up. Thanks for coming out tonight, have fun with however you guys distort this.

He was asked about the Infowars broadcast in the middle of the trial in which he said that by the age of 16 he had been with more than 150 women, a comment that ultimately made it before the jury.

That was all out of context. I was saying that wasn’t a good thing, so they turned it into I said that and I said it was a good thing.

It’s all deception, and I get it.

You guys should try your hands at being fiction writers and write pure fiction, because the BS you’re writing in the newspaper, you’d make a lot more money in fiction, writing fiction stories, that’s what I’m trying to tell you.

That’s why the corporate media brands me as fake or as an actor when I never said that or never did that, and play semantical games. If I do 90 percent serious news and 10 percent satire and comedy and punditry, and if I’m sitting around on the show playing the part of a British aristocrat saying, “I love the New World Order,” that doesn’t mean I’m a British aristocrat and love the New World Order, and it doesn’t mean I’ve sold out and I’m an actor.

And that’s just playing semantical games with your audience, and it’s got to be sad to only have an audience who are in sleep, trance-like states. I mean mainstream TV viewers are admittedly lower IQ, lower-income, near trance state, and so I’m not talking to people in a trance state. I’m talking to people that are awake.

OK, guys, thank you for coming out. I want to see the fiction, the fiction you guys come up with, how you twist this. It’s very entertaining. All the big shows, all the big comedy shows, all the big nightly shows, love the comedy, love the deception. Let’s keep it going.

Just keep reporting on how we’re changing the world.

You’ve got to report on us and distort the truth, turn it upside down, and even though you turn it upside down, people know it’s powerful, because there’s still the image of truth there, even though it’s upside down. We’ll continue to be the people changing history, we’ll be the people who actually force the serious issues on to the table, and we’ll continue to get ridiculed as all trailblazers are, so we love ya and someday you will be out of your comas mainstream media.

God bless you and thank you very much.

But that wasn’t quite the end of it.

As Jones exited to return to his lawyers’ office, some reporters engaged in further conversation, including Charlie Warzel who asks why he risks making his serious points with misunderstood satire.

The transcription service ends here, but do watch these several moments, in which he says that when he said the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax, he was only playing devil’s advocate, that he was kidding when he said on Infowars on the Friday before the trial began, that President Obama’s daughters were not his own, and that when he said that Michelle Obama was a “tranny,” he wasn’t saying that he believed that, he was simply repeating what Joan Rivers said and, “Everybody knows that she’s not a tranny, everybody knows she’s the Loch Ness monster …. and that’s a joke too.”

The video ends with this shot.

Charlie Warzel: Boy was that interesting.

Me: What’s your problem?

CW: What’s my problem?

Me: Pestering the man when he’s trying to make a point.

Also on Friday, Jones issued another video with Wilhite and his wife and co-counsel, Alison, that was way more normal.



Author: Jonathan Tilove

Jonathan Tilove is the Statesman's chief political writer. He was a Washington correspondent for the New Orleans Times-Picayune from 2008 to 2012. Before that he covered race and immigration issues for Newhouse News Service for 18 years.

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