In midst of custody battle, Alex Jones reveals that at 16, ‘I’d already had over 150 women.’

Good Monday Austin:

On Saturday afternoon Alex Jones tweeted this.

It leads to a very perplexing video he recorded over the weekend, all the more perplexing because it comes at the midpoint of his two-week child custody trial at the Travis County Courthouse, which resumes today.

The video is entitled, LIVE: Alex Jones Responds to Sandy Hook Vampire

And, it promises, New Sandy Hook/Newtown Information Released.

It seemed an odd choice of topic.

Jones’ assertion that the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School was, or may have been, a hoax, is probably the most off-putting conspiracy theory he has put forward in a career of conspiracy theorizing – the one that more than any other a lot of people can’t forgive him for.

But the weekend video was way odder and more perplexing than that.

It promised new information about Sandy Hook, but never provided any.


Instead, it is a discursive, hour-and-six-minute report – beginning with scenes from the science fiction movie Soylent Green – in which Jones talks about startling and what seemed to be previously undisclosed elements of his biography.

Most provocatively, there is this:

When I was 16, I didn’t want to party any more. I didn’t want to play games any more.

I grew up. I’d already been in the fights, all the big rituals. I’d already had probably – I hate to brag, but I’m not bragging, it’s actually shameful – probably 150 women, or more, that’s conservative. I’d already had over 150 women. I’d already been in fights with full-grown men. I was already dating college girls by the time I was 15-years-old. I was already a man at 16.

When he was 16, Alex Jones, who was born in Dallas in 1974, would have still been living in Rockwall, outside Dallas. He moved to Austin in 1991. He turned 17 in February of that year.

For a young lad growing up in Rockwall to have had sex with 150 women  – conservatively – by the time he was 16 seems extraordinary.

But, if it’s not true, why would he say it?

And yet, if it is true, why would he say it now?

A lot has been written about Jones. I haven’t read all of it, but I don’t recall seeing any mention of anything like this.

From a March 2010 Nate Blakeslee profile in Texas Monthly.

Jones, the son of a dentist and a homemaker, grew up in the Dallas exurb of Rockwall and moved to Austin in 1991, where he attended Anderson High School. Jones describes himself as a “socially oblivious” teenager who was more of a reader than a TV watcher.

And from a March 20111 profile by Alexander Zaitchk in Rolling Stone:

Jones was born in Dallas in 1974, the descendant of two lines of Texas frontiersmen. He describes a childhood that will disappoint those searching for the Freudian roots of his crusade. His parents, a dentist and a homemaker, raised him with love in the manicured suburb of Rockwall. “I was the all-American kid with a great family,” he says. “I read Time-Life books, played football, was friends with everybody.”

Home life was intellectual, but not overtly political. “My parents were careful not to give me political views almost as an experiment to see what I’d turn into,” he says. “The closest thing to a childhood political training was some neighbors who were members of the John Birch Society. They’d come over for dinner and I’d be exposed to those ideas, starting at around age two.”

It was in high school that Jones discovered a corrupt, Blue Velvet underbelly to his town. At weekend parties, he watched as off-duty cops dealt pot, Ecstasy and cocaine to his friends. “A truck would appear, sometimes with a guy still in uniform inside,” Jones recalls. “Then, on Monday, they’d have D.A.R.E. and drug-test us for football.” Jones, a young var­sity lineman, did not appreciate the irony. “I was like, ‘You want to drug-test me, when I know you’re selling the stuff?’ I called them the mafia to their face. At the time, I didn’t know anything about CIA drug-dealing.”

Things came to a head during Jones’ sophomore year, when he was pulled over while driving without a license, a six-pack of beer under the passenger seat. Jones told the cop he was corrupt and had no right to enforce laws. “They brought me to jail,” Jones says. “Afterward, one of the cops told me to wise up, or they’d frame me and send me away.” The following week, his father was so spooked that he sold his dental practice and moved the family to Austin. A few months later, Rockwall County’s sheriff was indicted on organized-crime charges.

For Jones, the encounter with state hypocrisy was transformative. “The Rockwall cops were lowbrow thugs, and Alex was a hell-raiser,” says Buckley Hamman, a cousin who grew up with Jones. “The conflict with the cops started Alex down the road of his current pursuit.”

In Austin, Jones quit football and smoking pot (“It made me paranoid”), and began consuming history: Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire; Shirer’s Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. “I started understanding that governments have been staging terror and dealing drugs throughout history,” he says. “The whole program was there.”

Well, if what Jones said over the weekend is true, Blue Velvet is about right, and he may have had more reasons than some police corruption for leaving town.

From the sound of it, Jones experience in Rockwall wasn’t The Last Picture Show. It was the Adult Megaplex.

If what Jones says is true, and Alex, a minor, had sex with more than 150 women, many of them apparently over 18, there might have come a point when it was prudent to get out of town and head o Austin.

If what Jones says is true, it also make me rethink this from his appearance on the stand last week.

The only other explanation for what Jones said over the weekend is that Jones is playing a character in this video – that this is an example of his penchant for satire.

But no.

Watch it yourself.

He gets to the key passage at the 48-minutes mark.

He appears dead serious in what amounts to an illustrated lecture – he draws stick figure graphics as he speaks –  on how modern society has undermined the crucial, age-old natural rites of passage for young men, but how he proved a rare and stirring exception.

There was also one other, what appeared to me to be new piece of the known Jones biography revealed in the video.

While talking about how he had grown up appropriately fast, Jones says that unlike his arrested-development friends:

By 24, I had a son.

Jones turned 24 in 1998. That would that make that son 18 or 19 now. But the son who he is seeking to retain custody of in court is 14. So, if Jones had a son when he was 24, that was another son. That’s completely possible. And, he is, of course, under no obligation to tell writers when they are doing profiles of him that he has another son. It’s just that it’s not something that’s been mentioned in anything I’ve read about Jones.

It’s just all very perplexing, all the more so because on Friday, Jones issued this statement, about the trial.

Above all this is a private matter. This is about my family and only my family. I have endeavored very faithfully for three years to keep this circumstance confidential for the sake of my children to protect their innocence. I urge the press to be respectful and responsible and to show due deference to the process of the law and respect the boundaries defined for this case so that a fair result can be found. As there is a gag/protective order on the trial of the safety, welfare and protection for our children’s private rights and what is in their best interests, I am holding my responses until the end of the trial.

And yet, here I am writing this, not based on any prying or probing. All I am doing is repeating what Alex Jones, for whatever reason, decided to put out the day after he issued the above statement.

That does not mean that what he says in the video is a violation of gag order. He does not talk about the details of the child custody case per se – except to say how the media is attempting to use the case against him but only succeeding in driving more traffic to his site than at any time except Election Week 2016.

But I can’t help but feel that when his lawyers told him to have a nice weekend when they parted company with Jones Friday afternoon, they weren’t expecting this.

Below is an illustrated transcript of the key passages. In all cases, it is Alex Jones speaking.

We need to go back to being human. Are calculators great? Yes, but nobody since Texas Instruments came out with one 40 years ago  knows how to do math anymore. They didn’t let us have calculators in school. Now that’s all they’ve got. It’s an example of how some progress brings us back. like flying in a spaceship to Mars in a year, 14, 15-month mission when Mars is closest to the Earth. Does it make your body stronger or weaker? It makes it weaker. You’re in a high-tech spaceship but you’re going to an environment that has less gravity as well. We need the gravity of mental exercise, of physical exercise, of intellectual exercise or we implode and we fall apart, we become Dory the Fish that has a seven-second memory.

Everything is memory. Everything is remembering, the space-time continuum, what happened five years ago. That is experience. That is knowledge.

Let me explain something. There’s information, there’s knowledge. Let me show you a little graph here.

Here’s information. OK. When you’re five-years-old, OK,  you can interface the internet. You can speak. You can do basic things. But you don’t know from life experience how to trust the info, whether it’s accurate or not.

You don’t have the time or the memory of when you’re 75, before average cognitive decline begins to make you more like a child, because, you see, you’re once the man or woman and twice the child.

You start out with low cognitive ability. You go to a peak of training, experiences, life, revelations. You hit a peak, then your brain cells begin to die.


You begin to do less and less, you become a child again. Once the man, that’s William Shakespeare, twice the child. You’re only once the man. You’re twice the child.

No one’s ever done that graph, but believe me, that’s how it works.


Here it is in life, going up. But if you don’t have memory, if you don’t train yourself to have a long attention span –  that’s the best part of life to have a long, deep attention span. If you don’t to that, if you’re transient, if you don’t care, you’re not involved, you don’t develop the neural pathways in your entire life.

This is a five-year-old. On average, by the time, and it wasn’t just Jews, in most European cultures and others, even in China it was the same, at 13 years of age they would normally do a culture test to see if you were a man, and then patch you into manhood or womanhood the next year or the next year. It was like school, done by the local priest, the shaman, the tribal leaders.

Depending on the culture, at 12, 13 or 14 you would go through testing and through rituals, of hunting, of science, of different tests by the different elders to see if you were an adult yet.

When they decided you were an adult then you could decide whether to leave your parents’ house, live somewhere else, do something else, go live with an uncle in another tribe 100 miles away or whatever. Or you could get married and stay in the tribe, or wait, but had to decide, if you were a man or a woman, to leave or to stay.

Now, normally by the time you were 16, you were always kicked out, unless you had special needs.

Ladies and gentlemen, they’re telling people now that 35 in the new adult.

Thirty-five is the peak in terms of overall mental and physical overall prowess.

You then can gain knowledge up to this level.

But at 35, by then, you are at your peak – women and men – you are at your peak, peak, peak, peak, peak, peak, peak.

But, if they arrest your development, and most men I know … most men at 35 still act like they’re 16. They still want to hang out with men. They still want the approval of men.

They act like boys. They wear sports jerseys. They want to play, they want to party all day. They are not serious-minded.

And most of them at 35, what do they not have? They don’t have CHILDREN.

You’re supposed to have children in every culture biologically  by 16 .

If you’re not having them by 16, there’s something wrong with you.

Oh, but you see, there’s college – the priesthood you’ve got to get into.

And then by then, oh you’ve got to make money because you’re in debt. Oh, don’t have time for kids. You got to get out of debt. Oh, you’re 40, you’re finally halfway out of debt, you want to have some fun now. Oh you try to find a woman. She’s barren. She’s doing the same thing.

By the time you want to find out, you want to live. by the time you hit 16 at 40 – I’ve giving you the big knowledge folks, at 40 – and they do this by design – by 40, you are the equivalent of a 16-year-old.

When I was 16, I didn’t want to party any more. I didn’t want to play games any more.

I grew up. I’d already been in the fights, all the big rituals. I’d already had probably – I hate to brag, but I’m not bragging, it’s actually shameful – probably 150 women, or more, that’s conservative. I’d already had over 150 women, I’d already been in fights with full-grown men. I was already dating college girls by the time I was 15-years-old. I was already a man at 16.

At 21, I was a leader. At 21, I had a radio show on one of the biggest stations in town, and by 22 I had top ratings. By 23, I was syndicated.

By 24, I had my son.


By 24, I had a son. I had the beginnings of a media empire that was reaching millions of people and everybody couldn’t believe it.

Ladies and gentleman, Thomas Jefferson was leading Virginia by the time he was 24. Thomas Jefferson had four college degrees by 22. Thomas Jefferson was designing architecture at 20, building and getting contracts by 22. Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Thomas Jefferson was the leader of the Illuminati by 34, worldwide. And I don’t mean the modern, devil-worshiper Illuminati, that’s the counterfeit of the, quote, Illuminated, and they were Masonic, and they weren’t devil-worshipers, and they created the country, and I’m not Masonic, I’m just giving you the historical facts. The rites of passage are all being removed.

I’m not bragging about my success. It was normal. I was not arrested in my development.

All the archetypes were unlocked at a very young age because of rites of passage that were still taking place when I was a young man that are no longer even available to most people. The rites of passage are all being removed and yes, brutal, brutal fights was one of the rites of passage, sex was a rite of passage, having access to literature and art and culture and history, and the occult and Christianity, all of it was a rite of passage. Other rituals  I was a part of –  were all rites of passage. Elders constantly explaining things to me was rites of passage. They’re stealing the future.

So am I bad questioning a government known for lying, a media known for lying, that  lies and gets us into wars that kills millions of kids, that are obsessed with abortion and cultures of death and all this evil, to question them? Absolutely, I’m right. Did I say nobody died and it’s all bull? Yeah, they took the clip out of context. (unclear) devil’s advocate in a debate. I didn’t say that’s what I believed. I said that I could see both sides. They hope you don’t see the truth. They hope you don’t research it. They hope you don’t find out for yourself because they think you’re stupid and want to defeat you.

Now I know you understand that. Many of you are more advanced and smarter than I am. We’ve got to reach out to many of those who have been put in arrested development, so that they can bloom and blossom because that’s how we are going to have a future.

I’m going to end this video with a couple of videos together – Gulf War Propaganda Babies in Incubators, and False Flag Video Montage, and then I’m going to come back briefly with the fact that they want to put Donald Trump in a mental institution and we know why they want to do it, here exclusively we’re going to break it down.

But the bottom line is the Vampires of MSM and corporate media and that whole system are the ones feeding off the dead children of all these mass shootings and tragedies, some of which the government and other groups have been caught being involved in, to go to us who have ethics and care about kids and get us to give up our guns and our right to self-defense as if we somehow did it. They project these crimes and their horrors on us when they’re the ones in Chicago, New York and other victim disarmament zones who have the highest crime rates in the world, like Mexico does as a country,  they do as cities, because they, the elites, have guns, but the people don’t.

And they’re the ones who are literally behind the carnage and the sadness and enslavement, and that’s why they are the Vampires of Sandy Hook and the people that feed off those deaths and use it to take away our Second Amendment and more of our rights, and we see through it and how they back all these crimes worldwide and just how nasty they are.

Here is a sampling of comments that appeared on Twitter and on Infowars to Jones’ weekend video.


Author: Jonathan Tilove

Jonathan Tilove is the Statesman's chief political writer. He was a Washington correspondent for the New Orleans Times-Picayune from 2008 to 2012. Before that he covered race and immigration issues for Newhouse News Service for 18 years.

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