Taking the press out of the press conference. On Trump’s populist news rally.




Good morning Austin:

In Monday’s First Reading, I quoted the modest proposal of  Mike Cernovich, an influential pro-Trump social media presence. (See The New Yorker’s Andrew Marantz on Trolls for Trump: Meet Mike Cernovich, the meme mastermind of the alt-right.)

Here is what he wrote on his Danger and Play blog two days after the election.

It’s Time to Disband the White House Press Corps

We know the mainstream media is not merely biased. The media is a hoaxing organization. They’ve done everything from spread hate crime hoaxes about Trump supporters, to covering up violent attacks on Trump supporters, to falsely accusing Trump’s campaign manger of assault.

Trump doesn’t need the White House Press Corp. They need him.

Through the power of social media, Trump can take his message directly to the people.


The White House Press Corps must be disbanded. You cannot allow snakes inside your house. We know what snakes do.

Last night, as I watched Donald Trump launch his Thank You tour with an extraordinary, ebullient post-victory campaign rally in Cincinnati, imbued with a heady blend of gloating and media bashing, I was struck by the phrasing of a Cernovich tweet.




Yes, to Cernovich – and a lot of other Trump partisans – this rally in front of cheering crowd and an observing but silent press was the model for a populist “press conference” in the age of Trump. He even announced his choice of James “Mad Dog ” Mattis as his pick for Defense Secretary, while asking his audience to keep it to themselves until he gets a chance to announce it Monday.


I quoted Cernovich’s tweet adding my own comment


I’m not a big tweeter, but this Tweet got more reaction than any previous I had sent, with nearly 35,000 impressions.

What follows is some of the reaction. and other related tweets.









































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