Even the best Texas politicians can have an `oops moment.’ On Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.




Good Saturday Austin:

I don’t usually post a First Reading on Saturday. But things are moving so fast in the presidential race that I dare not wait until tomorrow, let alone Monday.

I’m keeping this First Reading very simple.

The biggest loser in the last 24 hours has been Donald Trump, for reasons I don’t even need to explain.

But, we are especially interested in Texas politics here, and the second biggest loser has got to be Ted Cruz. Here is a run-on sentence explaining why.

In the last half year, Cruz went from a very slick and effective run for president to a kind of epic fail of bad political timing that had him reaping the full wrath and  scorn of many Republicans – from the greenest of his money men, and women, to the greenest of his grassroots – for failing to endorse Trump at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July, then reaping the full wrath and scorn of his truest believers, who felt he had betrayed principle and moral values by endorsing Trump in late September in what appeared to be an act of political expediency, and now looks like a cross between a craven mook and the bearer of some kind of political curse for having climbed aboard the Trump Train as it appeared to be gaining steam, but no sooner had he found a seat in the quiet car than the Trump Train went hurtling off the rails for precisely the reasons that Cruz had so precisely and accurately predicted when he denounced him in no uncertain terms in early May.

Here was what Cruz said yesterday.



And here is what others tweeted about Cruz vis-à-vis Trump.











































Author: Jonathan Tilove

Jonathan Tilove is the Statesman's chief political writer. He was a Washington correspondent for the New Orleans Times-Picayune from 2008 to 2012. Before that he covered race and immigration issues for Newhouse News Service for 18 years.

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