Perry versus Trump: The 2016 presidential race turns to social media trolling

Of all the presidential candidates running, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry has been one of the loudest critics of Donald Trump since he first entered the race in June.rick-perry-versus-trump

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And as he did with Macy’s, Neil Young, NBC and anyone else who has reacted disapprovingly of his controversial behavior, Trump responded to Perry via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Earlier this month, a Trump tweet remained relatively friendly while also criticizing Perry’s border security record.

Just a few days later, following Perry’s mounting criticism of Trump’s comments about Mexican immigrants in his election launch, Trump’s tweets turned ugly:

The tweets are a far cry from 2012 when Trump praised Perry:

Perry has used Twitter to respond:

Perry was also quick to respond after Trump’s controversial “not a war hero” comment about John McCain:

The most recent attack blast between the candidates came from an Instagram Wednesday:

Remember folks, the campaign season has just begun. 473 days until it’s all over.

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