Rep. Sarah Davis tells American Phoenix Foundation to back off

A shaken state Rep. Sarah Davis asked one of the people collecting video of legislators to leave her alone as she walked out of the Texas House chamber on Thursday.

IMG_1426(Jon Basel of the American Phoenix Foundation)

When the Houston Republican left the chamber, she was approached by Jon Basel of the American Phoenix Foundation who tried to ask her questions — probably about late-term abortions, the questioners’ apparent issue du jour.

sarah davis(Rep. Sarah Davis)

But Davis took the opportunity to push back against the group that has been hounding lawmakers in recent weeks in their effort get video (often surreptitiously) to use in a package, which they said, will show hypocrisy and the cozy relationships with lawmakers and lobbyists.

“I need you stay away from me,” Davis told Basel, who had previously been giving a fake name to people at the Capitol. “I am a woman, and you are a man, dressed in black, following me everywhere I go. It is completely inappropriate and, quite frankly, it scares me so please leave me alone.”

See a video here.

Joe Basel, brother of the man in the video and CEO of the Foundation, questioned who made the tape of the encounter and who pays that person. (Incidentally, Joe Basel refused to disclose the funders of his foundation.)

“He asked her a question. Looked like a setup,” Joe Basel wrote in an email. “From watching all of our video feeds and her version, it feels like a lazy setup.”

Author: Tim Eaton

Tim is a reporter on the State Desk at the Austin American-Statesman. He covers the Texas House and several topics, such as immigration, insurance and any other issue that starts with an "i."

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