American Phoenix Foundation submits requests for records from legislators

The American Phoenix Foundation, the group that claims to have 800 hours of footage of state lawmakers and lobbyists, is submitting open records requests for documents from members of the Texas House.

John Beria, spokesman for the foundation, said the organization is asking all legislators for records in its quest to uncover instances of hypocrisy and bad behavior — including acts of sex, violence and corruption. The foundation has asked for:

“1. All documents, reports, memos, emails, and notes containing the word Phoenix your office has created or received from March 1, 2015 until today.
“2. All documents, reports, memos, emails, and notes pertaining to undercover video, secret video, or activists videotaping of legislators in and around the Texas state capitol during the current legislative term from March 1, 2015 until today”

“We’re asking for the information because we think it will assist our investigation,” Beria said.