State rep seeks to make hashtags official

@RepKenSheets has a plan to bring #Texas into the digital age.

State Rep. Kenneth Sheets, R-Dallas, filed three resolutions — House Concurrent Resolution 104, HCR 105 and HCR 106 – to recognize three hashtags as being official in the eyes of the state.


The first on his list is commonly used among the Capitol set: #txlege. It’s applied when a tweet on Twitter or an entry on another social media website makes a reference to something in the Legislature.

The #txlege hashtag should promote interaction between elected officials and the citizens of the state, Sheets said.

“Organizations are learning that it is easier to operate in the world using social media,” Sheets said. “It’s how people are communicating.”

Sheets also wants to make official #Texas for anything positive about the state. According to the language of the resolution, #Texas will allow “people of every age and background from around the world” to take part in “an endless conversation about all facets of the Lone Star State.”

Sheets also borrowed from the Texas tourism website with his effort to make #TexasToDo an official hashtag to promote tourism and…well…things to do in Texas.

It remains to be seen if making a hashtag official will make it uncool.

Author: Tim Eaton

Tim is a reporter on the State Desk at the Austin American-Statesman. He covers the Texas House and several topics, such as immigration, insurance and any other issue that starts with an "i."

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