Follow live: Gun hearings at the Texas Capitol, 2.12.2015

Reporter Chuck Lindell is live at the Texas Capitol today, covering two hotly debated gun issues that are having their first hearing of this session of the Texas Legislature: open carry and campus carry.

Chuck writes:

Both sides of the gun debate have been scrambling to rally supporters for the hearing that was announced Monday morning.

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Someone ought to introduce this report to the hearings:

Highlights (from 2007-2015):

Number of policemen killed by concealed carriers -- 17

Number of private citizens killed by concealed carriers -- 705

Number of legitimate cases of self-defense -- 16

Number of mass shootings carried out by concealed carriers -- 28 (which killed a total of 136 people)

It's important to note that these statistics are compiled from news reports since they are not officially tracked. They are therefore an underestimate of the true numbers.